Sleeping in an ancient cave church? Peeing on the ground where cavemen once walked? Speaking to people in air balloons while laying in your tent? This is what you can do when you go to Cappadocia!! 

In the middle of Turkey we found ourselves in a different world, a giant movie set. It has been our best camp experience!

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A great scenery with caves in so many rocks! Also in these pinacles!

Sleeping in a cave church, where Christians were hiding for the romans long time ago.

it’s dark at 6 o’clock, so wherever we can we make campfires at night against the cold, in Cappadoccia it was freezing sometimes at night!

Kiran is doing the dishes!

In the morning we wake up with over a 100 balloons in the sky!

Valley of love! You understand why! Our second camp night in Cappadoccia

The next day we wake up with again many balloons flying over us and landing next to us! Our ‘dog for a day’ watched over us at night sleeping next to our tent, chasing the other dogs away. He is super enthousiastic to see us in the morning, almost jumping in the tent! ♥️ We have ice on our tent when waking up!

Our last camp day, again an amazing spot! Nature is incredible here!! Kiran is learning the dog how to piss like a caveman!