Carly and Matilda cycled 2000km in 3 months from England to Croatia. It was their first big cycle trip and they had an absolute blast! They raised a massive €770 in the process!

“Cycling in this way was one of the most fulfilling ways of travel we have ever experienced. However also the most challenging. You have no choice but to get down and dirty with every side of your self. The good the bad the ugly. But surely at the end of the day, that’s a good thing. Knowing you are able to travel so far using only the power of your body and not contributing to the carbon footprint of going on holiday.

Our trip also gave us a new appreciation for what our bodies can do and how important it is to care for them, from what we consume to how we rest.

Matilda was actually inspired by Frouke and Kiran when she first met them in Bangkok in 2018, whilst they were peddling their way back to Europe. So when we bumped into them as we were starting our journey everything clicked into place. We knew we wanted to support a charity with our adventure, so when they spoke about Cycle for Good and what the money they raise supports it was more than fitting. Especially after the time and experience Matilda had spent in Myanmar realising the extent of the situation in this country.

After hearing Frouke and Kiran were struggling to keep up with the cycling and fund raising over lock down. We decided that joining forces is a chance for a wider reach and to be able to support these children through our passion. We look forward to carrying on cycling and raising money for cycle for good, and inspiring others to do the same!” – Carly

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