Frouke and Kiran started Cycle for Good in 2018 to raise money for Burmese refugee children by cycling 18,220 KM from Vietnam to Amsterdam. These children fled the brutal civil war in Myanmar without their parents and are now living in Mae la Oon refugee camp in Thailand.

In 2009 Frouke was a teacher in Mae la Oon refugee camp and has seen the difficulties these children have to face first hand. The children are dealing with lots of trauma and the continuing civil war makes it dangerous for them to (ever) return home. The situation in the camp is also far from ideal: authorities do not provide them with enough food, basic necessities or affordable education.

In 2018 Cycle for Good started to support 28 children that live in “Dormitory 2”, but due to the intensified civil war more and more children fled to the camp without their parents. Since 2022 Cycle for Good supports 40 children in Dormitory 2.

Each year Cycle for Good needs to raise €7500 to support the 40 children. With that money the children can go to school, get food to eat and have a place to live.

To achieve this, Cycle for Good is organising all kinds of cycle events, benefit parties and outdoor drawing events. We actively ask cyclists to raise money by cycling for Cycle for Good.

100% of the money we raise goes directly to the children that need it.

The conflict in Myanmar

Myanmar has the longest running civil war in the world, which started in 1948. The Burmese Army has been fighting against the ethnic minorities ever since. The devastating effects have led to many death and imprisonments as well as forced labour including the army using child soldiers. There are currently 1 million displaced people within Myanmar. Many millions already fled the country.

Most children we support are from an ethnic minority called the Karen (7% of Myanmar’s population). They come from Karen State, a state on the border with Thailand. It’s an area where the Burmese army is continuously attacking villages and fighting with local (resistance) armies.

Since the military coup on the 1st of February 2021, Myanmar is once more fully under control of the military. All over Myanmar people are protesting. This new situation intensifies the civil war. Many protesters take their refuge in Karen State. This has led to increased attacks within Karen state.. Villages and schools are being bombed, many are killed and over 100.000 people are internally displaced. The ground is scattered with landmines, making it very dangerous for refugees to go back to their villages after fleeing.

Constant threats from the war including bombings, mean that schooling options in Karen state are very limited. Many children flee without their parents or are orphaned due to the war. Getting to a place like Mae La Oon refugee camp can be their only hope for an education and a better future.

Please help us to raise the money. Every little bit helps! Thanks so much!!

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