Cycle for Good started when Kiran and Frouke cycled 18,220 KM from Vietnam to Amsterdam (via London) to raise €7000 for refugee kids from Karen state and Kachin State in Myanmar (Burma). The children are now trapped in a refugee camp, unable to go back home, and left behind by the authorities with not enough food, means of education or basic necessities.

Each year Cycle for Good needs to raise €7000 to keep the school going

The money we raise will go directly to ‘Section 1 dormitory’ in Mae La Oon camp (Thailand). This money means that 26 children can go to school, have a place to live and food to eat for the school year.

100% of the money we raise goes directly to the people that need it.

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The conflict in Myanmar

So why don’t the refugees go back home? Myanmar is a safe democracy now, no? Karen and Kachin Refugees have their home and land in an area in Myanmar where the SPDC (Burmese army) and the KNU (Karen army) are still fighting. The ground is scattered with landmines and the SPDC army is building new army bases, nobody knows why… Stories go round of people fleeing again, because of displacements and violent attacks. Due to constant threats, schooling options in that area are limited and there is a huge lack of medical support. The civil war started just after the 2nd world war, so many people are already for 3 generations in these camps without being allowed to do their old job or any job. They live off charity. Many are born there and only know the world of the camps. They don’t know how to start over or how to make a new start in a country they barely know.

Myanmar is now once more fully under control of the military, since the coup on the 1st of February 2021. The new situation intensifies the civil war in the minority areas. In Karen State, where most of the students come from, villages and schools are bombed, people get killed and over100.000 people are on the run. It is impossible for the refugees in the camps to go back to Myanmar. They are trapped in the camps and left behind with almost nothing.

Please, please help us to raise the money. Every little bit helps! Thanks so much!!

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