Up until now we’ve been asking you to help us raise €1200 for cycling 12,000km. Something has happened which means we need your help even more now.

At the beginning of April, just over a month ago, I got a phone call, a cry for help. 26 Burmese children living in the Mae La Oon refugee camp in Thailand were about to lose the chance to go to school.

The NGOs that sponsored their education are leaving the camp and stopped all funding. To make matters worse the costs for schooling and housing has gone up.

The children live in a dormitory within the refugee camp because they came from Burma without their parents. These families made this huge sacrifice so that the children could get an education which would hopefully give them some chance at life. Right now that chance is being taken away from them.

One of the students, Naw Ku Shee, is an orphan. She has already graduated but wants to study further to become a teacher. She is also going to lose this chance now, including the chance to teach other refugee children in the future

I was asked if I can raise €2000 to pay for the education and living cost for these 26 kids. If they cannot get this money 26 kids will not be able to go to school this year and will have to leave the dormitory. This means they will go back to Burma where there is no future for them. The ones without families have no where to go. Right now their request for our help is their only hope.

How do you respond to a request like that? It’s not a small amount of money. We are already unsure if we could meet our original goal of €1200. To make matters worse they need most of the money BEFORE August 2019 so that they can continue school.

Can I say yes to them? Will we be able to raise the money in time? I come from such a privileged background compared to these kids, €2000 euros is not so much if it can be used to give 26 children a chance for the future.

I had to say yes to their request. Our original goal of raising €1200 has now changed to €3200. We can do this, with YOUR help.

How you can help:

1. Donate money.

If you were thinking of donating money to our cause but thought that you would do it later or thought that you would do it when we were closer to home then please don’t wait. Donate some money NOW. Donate what you can but please do it now.

Make a donation now

2. Raise some money:

Could you start your own event to raise money for us? Maybe you teach in a school and you can do something with the kids in your class? Maybe you can raise money in your office by giving yourself a challange and let other people sponsor you? Maybe have a party with your friends and collect some money together.

Please, it would be great if you could think it over and share your ideas and tips with us.

THANK YOU. We will help these 26 kids together and they’ll have a better future this way!