We are very proud to say that we almost raised the full amount of € 3200 for the refugee kids from Burma!!

€ 2931 so far! Amazing!! 

We have so much gratitude for everyone that supported us!

The 26 kids that we did an urgent appeal for to pay for their education and food, all started school in May!! We are so happy about that!

Every month we get a report from Kaka, our contact person in the camp. He tells us how the money is spent (list of food, school materials and in the first month also the yearly school fees). He also sends us videos and pictures from the students and their surrounding.

Here is what Kaka Poe wrote as a message from all of the students: “We are very thankful for your help and we are very appreciating for your kindness. Many thanks for your help and wish to hear from you too.” See the full May report here

We will keep continuing to create awareness about their situation. Burma and Thailand have decided that most of the refugees should return to Burma. The country is far from safe to go back to, but the financial support to the refugees camps on the Thai-Burmese border is decreasing. There is a lack of food already and this means people are slowly forced to go back to a war zone…. It is a very stressful period, where no one seems to know exactly what will happen to them.

They need all the support possible to have a better future!  € 600 of the money that we are raising is intended for No Yellow Beans Day. This organisation will help other students in a refugee camp to be able to continue their education! 

Help us to raise the last € 269! Tell your friends and family, share on social media, anything that can help would be absolutely amazing!! THANKS!

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