We reached our goal to raise €3200 for the Burmese refugee kids in Mae la Oon refugee camp in Thailand! We are not stopping there though. We want to provide education not just for one year, but for more years to come. We have a new goal of €7000.

I can not thank you enough for all the generous donations so far!!!

With this money we can guarantee so many students a full year of school and food🥰🥰!

Not only that, in the last months we raised even more! The benefit party on the 27th of September in Nieuwland in Amsterdam was a big, big success! 

We raised a stunning €1192 in one night!

Thank you all for coming, helping out, eating Thomas’ delicious food and listening to our story!

This means that with all donations combined we have now raised €5086!!! 

At the benefit party we launched our new plan. We have raised the money for the 26 refugee students for this school year, but we cannot just stop helping them now.

They deserve more and since we are only half way cycling our 20.000 kilometer home, we decided to continue raising money to support the dormitory students also in the coming years. 

The situation in the camp becomes harder and harder. Most non profit organisations and sponsors have left. The student dormitory buildings; 2 dorms, a kitchen/dining space, washrooms and toilet, need to be renovated in March 2020. The last sponsor of these renovations quit in 2018. The buildings are made from bamboo and leaves and need a renovation every 2 years, to stop it from raining through. We will provide them with the necessary costs for the renovations, around €1700.

All other costs they have are also not sponsored anymore. The food rations are not enough to feed them properly, they need extra rice to not feel hungry all the time. The kids have no soap to wash themselves with, no cleaning materials for their washrooms and toilets. They need drinking water tanks and several other kitchen supplies to cook for all of them. Sanitary costs and kitchen supplies are in total around €1300.

The costs for March 2020:

  • School fees and food 2020-2021 €2000
  • Renovation dormitory buildings €1700
  • Sanitation and kitchen supplies €1300
  • TOTAL: €5000

We’ve already raised €5086 but now we want to raise €7000. This means we need to raise another €1914 by March 2020.

Please spread the word and please donate what you can now. Big hug and thank you!