After 5 months living in Athens we are back on the road ♥️🚴‍♀️🚴♥️
We will cycle through Greece and we’ll see in some weeks which borders will be open to slowly make our way home.
We had an intens and amazing time helping out at Khora, an organisation that helps people in Athens that have no access to food, legal help, clothes etc. Refugees from many countries, displaced people, homeless and people living in the streets of Athens, that had an especially hard time during Covid 19.
Sorry to say bye to all the beautiful people we worked with and the amazing city. But we will for sure return one day!

Now the next adventure starts and we will focus again on raising awareness and funding for Cycle For Good. Because in the Refugee camp Mae la Oon the 26 kids also had a hard time during this crisis where they where in total lock down, not able to support themselves with little jobs or help from their family. Food and all other products became extra expensive.

Please follow us in our 2nd part of our cycling trip and if your able to please support us!