We have been in quarantine for 14 days! France became a ‘code orange’ country a few weeks ago, which meant we were obligated to quarantine in England when crossing from France by ferry. 

Bye bye France

At arrival you have 2 days to get to your quarantine spot. We took the ferry from Caen to Portsmouth facing the challenge of cycling 170 km in 1,5 days to Kirans parents house in London, to not risk getting a 1000 pounds fine.

Coming off the ferry I was asking myself the same question I always have when crossing the border: how do you say good day in this country? This was the first time I actually knew the language! And it took me funnily enough a while to get used to saying ‘Hello’! 

The landscape with its wavy hills, beautiful pubs and old English country houses is amazing, but cycling through it we could only see half of it! The English have a tendency to grow gigantic (beautiful) hedges on both sides of the roads, which block your complete view of the surroundings. 

Cycling was relatively easy, the roads were well signposted and even London has many cycle highways now! Even the weather was amazing!

It was so nice and weirdly familiar to be back, to see the family again after one year, being fed all amazing kinds of food and seeing them intensively for almost 3 weeks!

When we were still in France I thought that when coming back I would be very emotional to have made it all the way from Vietnam to London. But it felt all just good, special but not overwhelming. I think we slowly get used to the idea of coming home. Since we are in Europe already for a while things don’t feel as a huge change of culture anymore. 

The big countdown is starting today! We start cycling again to do the last lap! In 5 days, on the 23rd we will be home!! 


It would be absolutely amazing if you could support us in these last count down days, to make a donation so that the 26 refugee children will be able to go to school now and in the future. 

Big big hug! And maybe see you soon!