I give my 3 finger salute for all that are brave enough to stand up against the Burmese Army, and all that suffer because of their brutal regime. Even on a big distance we can support them by urging our governments to act. Please help out: Email EU governments and ask them to impose targeted sanctions on military companies now.

What’s happening now in Myanmar is awful. Since the Coup the Burmese army, the Tatmadaw, has killed, harmed and imprisoned so many people. Myanmar is again in the news for its violence, something that never stopped since they came into power in the 60s, but only comes here in the news when the violence is outrageous. 

For many minorities living in Myanmar this threat and this violence has been present in their day to day lives for all of their life. 

Two weeks ago our contact person in the refugee camp sent me a picture of his friend, shot dead by the army in his village. The army attacked his village and all the people fled into the jungle. Via the people in the camp, every now and then I get pictures and little movies that make me very aware of why we are helping the 26 Burmese refugee children out. There is no safe way back for them to live in Myanmar. Thousands of minority people in Myanmar are on the run at this very moment. Many stay in the jungle, without access to sufficient help.. The children we support are very worried about their families that stayed behind in Myanmar and what the future holds for them in this new situation.

The people we met while cycling through the previously safe area’s of Myanmar, are now also posting their stories of their recently changed situation. These are pictures of people brave enough to protest, pictures of mobs attacking civilians and pictures of people that died… It makes me so sad that this happens to them all over again.

I’m sending them and all others lots of love and support!! Thinking of you!

You can support the 26 refugee children here.