Our Adventures


Our first weeks of cycling, achy musscles, beautiful nature and beautiful people! Together enjoying being back on the bike! Camping next to the sea, in the forest, showering on the beach and finally after 5 months in one place, exploring greece! Please support us if you can 😃

Back on the road

After 5 months living in Athens we are back on the road ♥️🚴‍♀️🚴♥️We will cycle through Greece and we'll see in some weeks which borders will be open to slowly make our way home.We had an intens and amazing time helping out at Khora, an organisation that helps people in Athens that have no access … Continue reading Back on the road

A coastline full of surprises

Minus four degrees at night the prediction says. Our sleeping bag label tells us it is comfortable to sleep in till four degrees, so camping becomes pretty cold!I Instead of freezing our toes off we decided to find a hotel near Cappadocia,Turkey. We discover that prices for a hotel went up since leaving Georgia, now … Continue reading A coastline full of surprises